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A study of the history of the early modern times' marine transportation in the Sea of Japan-Kitamaesen (北前船) and Smuggling-

The auther is Jinzo Fukai©.

Professor Jinzo Fukai is University of Toyama Faculty and Human Development. 

Flying Pope-161Haiku

Ban'ya Natsuishi©
Translations by Jim Kacian
book cover design and Haiga Illustration by Kuniharu Shimizu
Size:188mm×128mm,Pages:112,Binding: perfect softbound and with the cover
A Groundbreaking Collection of Haiku!
And luxuriant imagination!

The 161 satisfying haiku by Ban’ya Natsuishi, one of the world’s leading haiku masters, weave allegories for the 21st century that are both realistic and fantastical. These are interspersed with humorous illustrations by Kuniharu Shimizu that combine the concrete and the abstract.
The edition contains Japanese with corresponding English text in order to appeal to readers from around the world.

12th haiku collection.

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Encyclopedia of The women's travel diary
Action and literature of the women of a peaceful world who see to the female travel diary of the Edo period. The scenery of a highway and a sea route and the pleasure and pain of a woman trip which are in sight from the diary which recorded the trip of a hostage and transference of a governor from one fief to another, the travel diary of walk while chanting a poem, a hot-spring cure, and sightseeing, the travel diary of worship and a pilgrimage, etc. are introduced.

Size:188mm×128mm,Pages:332,Binding: perfect hardbound and with the cover

ISBN-10: 4490106793 ISBN-13: 978-4490106794

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